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Haunt Visions is the Mr. Hyde to Creative Visions’ Dr. Jeckle.

Back in 1992, a small company called Haunted Lighting & F/X was born, creating a wide assortment of scares and effects.

We offered products that were mechanically sound, well built and visually impressive.  We pioneered the use of 'common sense engineering.'  We were the first to use bearings, bushings, flow controls, regulators....all those things that make your equipment last. 

As our skills did our scope.  By 1998, we realized a name change was in order to broaden our creative visions...and Creative Visions it was!

2005 brought to us a startling realization...we had outgrown our haunt roots.  We were producing amazing, animated characters and environments for attractions around the world...and while we were a bargain by theme park standards, we were expensive for the haunt industry.

Spring of 2006...and Haunt Visions is a reality.
A new company that addresses the needs of haunted attractions.
The needs of the haunter is different than that of a theme park, but that doesn’t mean the quality level should suffer.  Your equipment needs to run night after night for the entire season.  It needs to look and perform like it does in our catalog.  You need to know that if there is a problem, Haunt Visions will be there to take care of it quickly.

That is the Haunt Visions Experience!

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