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Rock Monster

This amazing animatronic character is an iconic symbol of quality and innovation.
It is designed for indoor and outdoor usage.

Rock Monster promised not to disappoint...standing 11’ tall & viewable from any angle!


Doctor Breather

This is your new favorite actor!
The Doctor is in!
Amazingly life-like, this breathing character is perfect for any hospital, lab or doctor-gone-crazy scene.


Bad Scarecrow

For Haunted Hayrides and outdoor attractions!
Standing over 8 feet tall, this evil scarecrow will freak out the kids...and probably more than a few adults!


Springy Bridge Kit

Now you can safely create the effect of walking on a suspension bridge! Even a concrete floor can become an unstable bridge with this effect.


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 Greetings All...
I was walking through a haunt last year, observing the interaction between the actors and the guests.  As I exited the haunt, I did some mental math and realized that about 10% of the actors were nothing more than statues- living distractions so another actor could catch the guests off guard. In most cases, these actors literally did nothing but breath, but that was enough to catch the attention of the guests.  As effective as it was, my first thought was that a lot of money was being wasted here. There is payroll, insurance, additional supervision/management and the ‘reliability’ that is an 18 year old actor....and all they did was breath.
This year, you can find a better use for those actors, because we have a great new series of affordable, animated breathing characters to replace them!

And on the lighter side of Halloween, we found that the world of agri-tainment and fall festivals is badly in need of high quality animated entertainment. But we have a plan to changing that!
First, there was Professor Pumpkin, and you loved him! For 2013, we present...Fred Hay-Head!  (Not to be confused with his evil haunt brother, Bad Scarecrow)  He can operate by himself, or as part of a show with Professor Pumpkin. He is more of everything you want...entertaining, fun, easy-to-use and durable.

So there you go, a little something for everyone!

Mark McDonough

Haunt Facts

About a year ago, we began a mission.  That mission was to make our very cool, yet very complicated, animatronic characters and special effects as easy to operate as your toaster...and not one of those fancy toasters, mind you...a nice simple one.  You see, one of the big problems with talking animatronic characters is that they need to be reprogrammed any time you want to change the character’s dialogue.  Honestly, that is a hassle for everyone involved. 

I am thrilled to present the first piece of the puzzle....our new Programming-Free automation system.  The days of having to program a character’s motions are at an end for the most part. (unless you have a high end requirement...those still get programmed by hand for perfect synchronization)  Now, you just record your character’s dialogue, do a quick edit in any sound editor program (we will even give you one) and download the sound onto the SD card that goes into the automation controller.  That’s it!  The automation system figures out the rest.


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