CCornornelius Cob

Cornelius Cob, or 'Corny' for short, is a loveable new animatronic character that will entertain your guest and keep them coming back!     CLICK FOR MORE INFO

              ShoBlastSkull facade1 with Fog Blaster 3 black background- web

What do you get when you combine a fog machine   with a jet engine?  You get a ShoBlast!                           CLICK FOR MORE INFO

                                       Skull Facade

This heavy duty fiberglass facade is perfect for a haunt or as a retail display.    CLICK FOR MORE INFO

This heavy duty fiberglass facade is perfect for a haunt or as a retail display!

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Letter from the Executioner

Greetings Fellow Haunters,

For 2015, we have been working on some amazing things for you....and they both start with the letter P....Products & Price.

Products include a complete overhaul of our product line.  We slimmed it down considerably, and added cool new products like the StretchFX Portraits, ShoBlast and Skull Facade.  On top of that, we reinvented some of our classics that are better than ever...and more affordable than ever!  We also expanded our automation packages, so you only buy what you need.

And that brings me to Price.
Year after year, prices kept increasing...labor, materials and overhead.  Everything kept going up. 
Well no more!  It was a huge task, but the results are worth it.  We spent thousands to develop a custom purchasing and production system that greatly increases reliability and efficiency.

It is a work in progress, but the results are already showing!  95% of our products have a new lower price, with amazing quality that is as good or better than last year.  Our new products like the StretchFX series, have great prices that make you think we had to cut corners...but we didn't!  Everything is still theme park quality...and that will never change!

And for you family-friendly, fall festival folks, we have a new companion for Professor Pumpkin...Cornelius Cob.  He can be used by himself, or in a show with the Professor.

So that is 2015 in a nutshell.  Great stuff for haunters and fun stuff for family-friendly attractions.

Happy Haunting,
Mark McDonough, president

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